About Us

Who we are

We are a downtown church in the heart of La Porte that is committed to the social and spiritual flourishing of our entire community. As Anglicans, we are inheritors of a great spiritual tradition within Christianity — a tradition that values beauty and the arts, deep engagement with the Scriptures, and holistic expressions of our faith that impact every aspect of our lives. We’re far from perfect and we are willing to admit that, but we are continually seeking to identify and turn from those things that hold us back from loving God and our neighbor to our fullest capacity. Along the way, we invite others to journey with us as we witness to the transforming love of Jesus.

What we see (our vision)

The first Christians spoke about how they had seen God’s glory in the person of Jesus and how that experience shaped the way they viewed the world around them. In the same way, our vision is the motivation that gets us up in the morning and what we dream about when we go to bed. It’s our “true north” and the thing we chase after with everything we’ve got. What is it that we see?

We see the person of Jesus throughout La Porte transforming all things for God’s glory.

What we do (our mission)

Because we see Jesus at work in our city transforming all things to the glory of God, we are a vibrant community committed to worshipping God, growing in our faith, bringing others into a relationship with Jesus, and caring for one another and our community.