St. Paul’s Kids

At St. Paul’s we are committed to partnering with and equipping families as they seek to form children who passionately love Jesus and love others as richly as God does. We do this by providing quality programing, special events, and opportunities to share the faith at home. We also do this throughout our worship services by giving our kids opportunities to assist our priest, read the Scriptures, and lead us in prayer. It’s our belief that someone is never too young to take part in the work God is doing in our midst.

During a portion of our worship, children ages 4-12 also have the opportunity to take part in Children’s Church, where lessons and activities are drawn from the same readings that we encounter in “Big Church.”

Families with younger children are invited to stay in the service and explore an activity binder provided by St. Paul’s, but may also make use of our staffed Nursery.